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środa, 13 kwietnia 2011

Woman boss mostly unfair, feels fair sex

They say unpleasant women bosses can make it hard for them to perform their roles effectively and even drive them to leave their jobs if conditions are particularly unbearable.
“You can’t cross her path. Women bosses are quite arrogant that way. They feel some power in their hands legitimizes their actions. Whether they are right or wrong, it is none of their concern,” said Rija Baig, a 32-year-old supervisor working in Jeddah.
Young women working at a local marketing agency in Jeddah expressed similar concerns.
Lujain Al Thabet told Arab News: “She has not trained me and expects me to carry out my duties with ‘feminine charm’. This is so unprofessional. Just because she is the owner, she gets away with it. But if I was back in America, there is no way she would get away with half the things she does.”
At a local school in east Jeddah, teachers complained the headmistress was biased toward her friends.
“I am a foreigner and always treated like one. Back in England, we work professionally, because this sort of biased attitude can threaten her position. This is only because we have laws in the workplace for men and women,” one of the teachers, Jane Abdullah, said while talking to Arab News.
“I know of so many teachers who get increments because they are close to our headmistress. I personally do not care because there is not much you can do, but it is disheartening to see preferential treatment. Plus who wants to witness the theatrics of dramatic women? I get my dose of drama on TV, so no thanks.”
Teachers and secretaries complained about the predominant crisis they face continuously at work that sometimes leads to resignations.
They feel men are more considerate and accommodating to the needs of women employees. “A woman is a woman’s worst enemy. They do not realize the consequences of rumors. I have witnessed five teachers leave this institute because of the chaos and drama their tittle-tattle tales produced,” Jane added.
Sameera Jazil, 27, working in a publication in Jeddah, said: “My main point is, look at most of the women in leading positions here. They are appointed mostly because of wasta (connections), and run the business like it is their show. The main role is given to the muse and it is a little unfair to see we get sidelined because the supervisor is not our best buddy. Get real. Some of the employees have a better resumé, but of course they do not get their due credit when working for women who are generally insecure on the whole.”
Samahir Ali, 22, thinks men in Saudi Arabia treat women like they are the fairer sex and give them too much leeway. She believes it is unfortunate that women are not best friends with one another contrary to general belief.
“Even though we get away with a lot more things because men think we are faint hearted, it is better than being constantly judged and being talked about.”
Some women claim that women executives are far kinder and better at handling male relations. A head executive working in Jeddah, Samar Mahmoud, disagrees. She told Arab News: “There is constant bickering and gossiping. Men do not have time for that. I prefer that. Yes, the most they try to do is chat you up, but at least there is no backstabbing to fear after you walk out of the room. The amount of gossip at work hours is frightening. Most of all, it is unethical, but women just cannot stop talking. Women have too much drama.”
Sabiha Athoor, 28, who works for a marketing agency in Jeddah, said most of her female colleagues prefer confiding in and taking advice from a male boss as opposed to a woman.
“I always march into my male boss’s office. He listens to me and gives me unbiased, beneficial and neutral advice. It is the best thing I have going on for me at work. Most of my colleagues go to him for advice. Our woman boss is usually too busy for ordinary problems and barely mingles with women at the office.”

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