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piątek, 22 kwietnia 2011

First annual Saudi Culture Day hosted

For a new organization, the Saudi Students Association certainly knows how to plan an event. The graduate level cultural club held their inaugural event on Friday, April 15. The event, Saudi Culture Day, packed Babbio Atrium with food, music, and activities inspired by Saudi Arabian culture.

President Raed Alhamad was pleased with the support his group received for the event. "The members of the association were helpful and student life supported us in everything and we thank them." The Saudi Students Association currently has 25 members, including students from outside of Saudi Arabia. 

Alhamad, a masters student in network information systems, said that the club hoped the event would open up Saudi culture to the school community. "We want to show the students at Stevens our culture and if they want to know anything about Saudi Arabia we want to show them."

SSA member Khalid Alshathri said he hoped the club would be an outreach to the wider community as well. "We want to be the link between Stevens and Hoboken so we can convey [good will] between the two sides."

One very prominent guest did come from outside of the Stevens community. Azzam Al-Gain, consul at the Saudi consulate in New York, was on hand for the festivities. "I was glad to come, you have a wonderful campus here," Al-Gain said. "This is the first student group like this I have come to see."

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