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poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

Jordan's Queen Rania the only Arab in "world's 10 most beautiful women"

Although three women in the list of "world's 10 most beautiful women" are nearing retirement age, three women were included for the first time in the list that witnessed one Arab.
The list is combined on the basis of the amount of media coverage of a group of celebrities, where actress Penelope Cruz, dominated the list, followed by the supermodel Claudia Schiffer, in second place, and Kristin Scott Thomas came in third.
The list continues with actress Sophia Loren, 76, a grandmother of two, ranking in tenth place, meanwhile, the list included for the first time, an Arab; which is the Queen Rania of Jordan, aged 39 years old, and ranking in fourth place.
The list consists of:1) Penelope Cruz2) Claudia Schiffer3) Kristin Scott Thomas4) Queen Rania5) Catherine Deneuve6) Dame Helen Mirren7) Charlize Theron8) Kate Beckinsale9) Natasha Mkelhon10) Sophia Loren

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