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sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

What Did You Do for the Royal Wedding?

Corsham celebrated the Royal Wedding with various businesses putting up Union Jack flags, holding parties and stringing up bunting across their doorways or over their porches. Hopefully you are fully recovered from all the excitement of yesterday, so tell us what you did for the Royal Wedding.
Along the High Street and surrounding businesses were flags bearing the image of Prince William and Kate Middletown, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Were you watching the wedding on the television or did you travel down to London to catch a glimpse of all the excitement. Let us know! 
Got any Royal Wedding party pictures? Add them to our Corsham People galleryand help share the fun which the Royal Wedding brought to the country and our local Corsham community. 
There’s still time to get those Royal Wedding goodies in Whitehall or to purchase a Wills and Kate pie from the Hare and Hounds
Automattic Comics also has a Royal Wedding comic book if you are looking for something really different and original to mark the special occasion. 
Did you see the Mummer’s Play at the Harp and Crown Inn at Gastard. The play had a Wills and Kate theme to honour the special occasion. 
Let us know in the comment box below how you spent the day and what you were doing at the historic moment when the Royal Wedding took place. 

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