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sobota, 23 kwietnia 2011

136 Salafists in Jordan charged with terrorism

AMMAN: Jordanian security authorities on Friday referred 136 extremists to the prosecutor of the State Security Court on charges of carrying out acts of terrorism, the Public Security Directorate (PSD) said in a statement.
The defendants will stand trial in connection with clashes in the city of Zarqa, 30 km east of Amman, on April 15, where the authorities accused Salafist protesters of launching a "premeditated attack” that led to the injury of 83 policemen.
The statement said that a total of 159 Salafists were detained since then, but 23 of them were released for lack of evidence to send them to court. The PSD said that all the detainees ascribe to takfir ideology — when Muslims accuse other Muslims of being infidels based on how they practice the faith.
Interior Minister Saad Srour last week put the number of arrested Salafists at 103.
"According to confessions of detainees and other evidence, 100 other Salafists were also involved in the crime, but they are still at large and will be chased,” the statement said.
Hundreds of Salafists held a rally at a mosque in Zarqa on April 15 to press their demand for the release of about 200 of their comrades who are spending jail terms for involvement in terror activities.
The Salafists decided on Friday to put off plans for holding a new rally at the Palestinian refugee camp of Baqaa, 10 km north of Amman, after intervention by the camp’s notables, apparently in response to government pressure.

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