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poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Fat? Say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle!

A Saudi nutritionist has blamed modern technology and fast food for the rising rates of obesity and heart diseases in the Kingdom.
“Our lifestyle — most influential factor on our health — is behind obesity and many chronic diseases,” Saudi consultant in medicinal nutrition Dr. Khaled Al-Madani told Arab News Sunday.
He said obesity is aggravated by three main factors: Intake of surplus calories, inactivity and poor lifestyle choices.
Al-Madani said the number of calories in fat is usually double their quantity in proteins and carbohydrates. “So when we take fatty food, we increase our calories and get fatter,” he explained.
Al-Madani said inactivity is the second most important cause of obesity. “The more we move, the more we dissolve fats and burn calories,” he said, blaming modern technology to be behind laziness and inactivity.

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