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wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

Dressing Kate

The dress.
Palace officials say Middleton wants to surprise William when she steps out of her Rolls-Royce and enters Westminster Abbey.
While everyone is speculating and predicting what the gown will look like, we asked some local fashion designers how they would design the dress.
Designer Sabrina Stapp likened Middleton to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, “She has a timeless beauty and style. But she is also very petite, so I would not want her dress to overpower her or completely hide her figure.”
Stapp's design is for a silk ivory dress with ivory embroidery and crystal detailing with several layers of a sheer silk for a full skirt. During the ceremony, Stapp would cover Middleton's arms with a shrug that could later be removed.
As for the train of the dress, it will be hard to top the extravagance of the 25-foot train on Princess Diana's dress when she married Prince Charles in 1981.
Stapp said the train should be “quite lengthy” and would need an extra piece of sheer extension, which also could be removed later.
Omaha designer Williams Torres created a design that he thinks would reflect Middleton's personal style.
Torres went with a “cathedral design” with a medium-size train, a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. He combined the sleeves with long gloves as a “perfect substitute for a long-sleeved gown.”
Torres used soft satin under layers of soft lace that have artistic beading on the outer layers. His veil is long and voluminous to complement the train of the dress.
These little details, Torres said, “will allow her to show her personal style and make her more comfortable for the ceremony.”
But why is the design of the dress cause for so much scrutiny?
“The dress has to rise to the occasion,” said Joanna Marschner, senior curator at Britain's Historic Royal Palaces, which takes care of dresses worn by past royal brides. “It has to be big, it has to stand up to the scale of the space and stand up to the scrutiny of all those eyes. It has Ao carry the day, it has to say something about our time, and it has to be the choice of the bride. She has to be comfortable in it.”
And if the pressure of billions of people watching at home isn't enough, Middleton must also deal with the political aspects of her dress.
It is a generally accepted guideline that the designer will be British, like many royal wedding gowns before. And even the materials used in the dress send a message.
Queen Victoria, for example, used English lace and silk woven in London to show support for British industry when she was married in 1848.
Her low-key wedding is seen as a watershed moment for royal wedding fashion. It was the first time a monarch had married for love instead of power and the sentimentality attached to the dress appealed to the masses.
Marschner said Victoria's wedding sparked public interest in the royal events, laying the foundation for the global interest in the 1981 nuptials of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer and the frenzy now over Friday's wedding.
No matter what materials are used or which designer is ultimately chosen, Middleton will maintain a bit of tradition by revealing the dress to William only when she begins to walk down the aisle.
This report includes material from the Associated Press.

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