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czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2011

8 years still searching for her baby

A Saudi mother is still looking for her baby who was snatched from her hands eight years ago just a day after he was born in a kidnap operation reminiscent of well-plotted mystery movies, a Saudi newspaper reported on Wednesday.
The mother was breastfeeding her baby at a government hospital in the Eastern town of Dammam when an unknown woman wearing a nurse's outfit entered the room and asked her if the baby was bathed after delivery.
“I gave her my baby and she left the room quickly……minutes later, another nurse came in and asked for the baby to bath him…when I told her what happened, she looked very confused and worried before she hurried out of the room,” the mother told the Arabic language daily 'Shams'.
“At first, I could not understand what was going on…but when doctors came and started to ask me questions about the woman who took my baby, I immediately realised that my baby has just been taken from my own hands.”
The mother said she still could not forget that moment when her son, named Mousa, was snatched off her. Six years after he was taken, she bought him a school bag in the hope he might “turn up at any moment".
The woman said she had always tried to keep her thoughts off the kidnap incident by tending to her seven other sons.
His father, Ali Alkhaneezi, is equally hopeful that the boy might eventually be found. “I keep praying to God the Almighty to help us find him…I am looking forward to the day when I see him graduate from the university and sit next to him when he marries…...I just can’t forget our baby who we had looked after for nine months when he was a fetus,” he said.
“Whenever my wife prays, she mentions his name along with his brothers…they always count him and feel his presence among them although they have not seen him…their presence has eased our psychological ordeal.”
Alkhaneezi said he had set a financial reward for any one who might give information that will lead to his baby.

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