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poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Police raids land scores in prison

By SULTAN AL-TAMIMI | ARAB NEWS More than 600 overstayers and wanted criminals were arrested in Jeddah this week in police raids across the city following tip-offs from members of the public.
“This week’s security sweeps resulted in the arrest of 623 men and women overstayers. Those nabbed included 23 people who were arrested for committing various criminal offenses,” said police spokesman First Lt. Nawaf Al-Bouq.
Those arrested were wanted for various offenses including drug dealing, bootlegging, stealing cars, fraud, harboring overstayers and operating unlicensed businesses.
Police raids were carried out in the Kilo 14, Jamea, Gholail, Aziziyyah and Anakish districts of the city. “Those arrested are in police custody. Convicted criminals will face jail time while other cases will be transferred — along with stolen items seized as evidence during the raids — to the concerned authorities,” said Al-Bouq.
Maj. Gen. Ali Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, director of Jeddah police, said, “We want to unify our efforts to rid the city of any illegal activities and nuisance acts that cause harm or offense to people. We urge people to cooperate with the authorities to halt the hiring of illegal overstayers.”

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