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czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

Overstayers get until Sept. 14 to clear out

 The deadline for people who have overstayed their visits to Saudi Arabia to turn themselves in without punishment has been extended to Sept. 14, the Interior Ministry announced Wednesday.
This amnesty includes visa overstayers and people who are currently residing in the Kingdom in violation of the terms of their iqamas (work/residency permits), such as those who have absconded from their legal employment.
The ministry said the amnesty was extended because the number of people seeking to take advantage of the reprieve was so great that many were not able to get their exits finalized in time. The floods in January, which temporarily closed some consulates in Jeddah, was another reason for the extension.
The ministry urged all people seeking to avail themselves of the amnesty to complete their procedures as soon as possible through their respective consulates or embassies and through the ministry's Department of Expatriates.
“Violators caught after the grace period will receive tough punishments, including jail time and fines,” a ministry statement said.
Those who shelter, employ or provide transport to illegal residents are also subject to punitive action.

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