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poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Local press: Ornamental universities of Saudi Arabia

MORE than 300 Saudi and international universities participated in the four-day International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education concluded recently in Riyadh.
The exhibition, held for the second time and drawing a large number of visitors, realized most of its goals in acquainting the youths, officials and academics with Saudi and international universities. It also gave senior officials of Saudi universities the opportunity to meet with their counterparts of several internationally acclaimed universities, to exchange expertise, and to sign memoranda of understanding.
Visitors to the exhibition, however, went straight to the pavilions of foreign universities. They were impressed by the quality and simplicity of those items on display there, as well as the charming female and male officials. On a small pavilion whose area did not exceed six meters, for instance, a computer, brochures, and informative CDs were displayed. These pavilions shed light on the university, its specialty courses, and other things concerned with studying there.

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