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sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

Young Asir women make a mark in real estate business

KHAMIS MUSHAYT: A group of young dynamic Saudi women is thrilled at making a vigorous entry to the real estate business — ending the monopoly of men at least in Asir province.
They say that the booming realty sector has opened up  new job opportunities for qualified young women job seekers. These enthusiastic women are heavily involved in this thriving business and in particular dealing with female property buyers. Many women are eager to approach them either to buy or sell properties with the full confidence that the entire deal would be done in a discrete way. These customers are happy that these realty firms protect them from being victims of greedy male agents, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported last month.
The factors — such as the opportunity to do business freely, to take advantage of the real estate boom, to acquire expertise and experience and to earn a profit — are the driving forces behind these young women entering this sector. They are fully willing to stay on in the field and are determined to score success in this thriving sector.
Zeenat Al-Shahri, a real estate agent, sees that the realty sector is playing a vital role in strengthening the contributions of Saudi women in the development of the national economy.
“The volume of investments by Saudi women in the real estate sector has witnessed a steady increase as a result of several incentives being extended by the government. This has prompted us to open real estate offices that help women find the most suitable properties at reasonable prices. We also furnish them with information with regard to ideal ways of investments in the sector, as well as ways to get financing from local banks in addition to offering consultancy services with regard to buying and selling properties,” she said.
Zeenat says that there is tremendous response from women customers.
“Many women contact the office with various requests, such as making investment in real estate businesses and protecting their investments from the reckless spending of their husbands, in addition to protecting privacy of their investments,” she said while noting that there are special cases in which women want to protect themselves, as well as their properties, from the greed and selfish motives of their kith and kin.

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