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piątek, 22 kwietnia 2011

Case of woman fired over business lunch goes to disputes committee

The labor office in Jeddah decided Wednesday to refer the case of a Saudi woman fired by her company for allegedly refusing to have lunch alone with her line manager to a preliminary commission that settles labor disputes.
The office made the decision after holding its second session on the case.
Arab News published a report on the woman’s case on Tuesday.
The woman, identified as Um Mariah, filed a case at the labor office against a major private milk company for allegedly firing her without any justification after she was also asked to perform tasks not in her job description.
She said when she refused to back down, the company refused to renew her contract.
Um Mariah told the labor office that the company had no right to terminate her contract.
“The company’s contracts are designed to bully Saudi youths with the aim of forcing them to quit, while it readily renews contracts for foreigners,” she said.
Um Mariah asked for compensation for her alleged suffering during her tenure at the company and also for the year she sat at home idle after being fired.
She said she was fired while she was pregnant because the company did not want to pay for her maternity care as stipulated in the contract.
She said the bullying took various forms, including transferring her to other departments that she had no experience in and asking her to have a business lunch with her Pakistani boss alone.

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