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czwartek, 5 maja 2011

The Spirit of Arabia

Saudi Arabia
The destination
The oil rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for its two cities of religious importance, Mecca and Medina. The kingdom has identified certain areas of tourism that holds potential for its future which are MICE tourism, culture and heritage tourism, sports tourism, eco tourism, recreational and festival tourism, shopping tourism, exploration and adventure tourism, health tourism, training and education tourism and agricultural and farm tourism. The country aims to increase tourism awareness among citizens for which the focus is on developing tourism education and training and discovering tourism components and capabilities.
Market strategy
Saudi Arabia has a defined Tourism Investment Strategy in place. It is looking to attract more tourists and is aware that the present scenario would pose as a critical challenge to promote tourism in the region. Saudi Arabia is looking to increase tourists arrivals into the country through creating synergies with different governmental entities in the country, marketing alliance for Saudi tourism products, opening of new tourism markets like India, promotion through media channels and development of competitive tourism products and services.
Future focus
The country aims to promote eco-tourism by matching tourism demand and supply, encouraging tourism investment in the kingdom, encouraging small tourism enterprises, developing the culture of attraction elements of tourism in developing tourism education and attracting a part of outbound tourism to be internal. The strategy would be to focus on local tourism markets, and some foreign markets that would enjoy the Kingdom's culture and heritage. Based on the geographical factor, and in addition to the domestic market, the strategy also aims to attract tourists from GCC countries, Arab and Islamic countries.

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