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sobota, 7 maja 2011

Saudi diamond designer wins global recognition


Saudi gems and jewelry designer Leena Al-Khiraiji has won a first in the international competition organized for gems and jewellery designing in Jeddah as part of the Saudi international exhibition of gems that was concluded here on Thursday. (SPA)

 A Saudi designer has won an international competition for innovative diamond designs on Thursday evening at the Saudi International Exhibition for Diamonds.
Lina Muhammad Abdullah Al-Khiraiji topped a shortlist of 15 women selected from 300 entries at the function held at Jeddah Hilton.
Announcing the result, the judging panel said Al-Khiraiji had achieved international recognition and was thus qualified to join the list of international designers and participate in any world diamond exhibition.
The judging panel comprised four experts in the field of diamonds from Switzerland, Britain and Saudi Arabia.
Al-Khiraiji studied diamond designing at a British college.
“I was happy that a Saudi woman had achieved this in one of the most important arts in the world, which is diamond designing. It has become a significant subject in international colleges and universities,” Al-Khiraiji said.
She said the idea of her winning design emanated from the rich Islamic heritage.
“I designed a bracelet in the form of the octagonal star which we see in Islamic decorations in mosques and other places of worship,” she said.
“My idea emanated from the message of Islam, which propagates love and peace. I also used the white and green colors that symbolize the banner of Saudi Arabia.” She said she was now working on new designs to represent the Kingdom in international exhibitions.
Saudi expert in diamonds, precious stones and minerals Misbah Khaled Al-Arnaouti, who was a member of the judging panel, said the competition produced a number of Saudi women capable of creativity and excellence.
He said Al-Khiraiji would be given between $5,000 and $10,000 to manufacture and market her design.
Chairperson of the exhibition Haya Al-Sindai said out of the 15 finalists, the judging panel chose three designs, of which Al-Khiraiji's came first. She said all participants would be eligible to participate in the third diamond exhibition.

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