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poniedziałek, 16 maja 2011

Nora varsity gives women hope

Saudi women educators and professionals were upbeat about the opening on Sunday of Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh and took it as a sign women may start to assume a more active role in the Kingdom’s development.
“I hope it will lead to a massive turnaround in the fortunes of Saudi women,” said Dr. Aisha Almana, founder of Alkhobar’s Mohammed Almana College of Health Sciences. “However, universities of the world are not known by their physical structure — they attain status and credibility by what they produce. I mean a university is known by the quality of its graduates. I hope the new university will be a trendsetter. We all know that women constitute 50 percent of the Saudi population. Recent statistics, at least those from University of Dammam, indicate that there are more women graduates than men, meaning women are more aware of the need for education. They are equal partners in the development and progress of this great nation.”
Almana said Saudi Arabia should concentrate on making its people productive.
Jeddah broadcaster and newspaper columnist Samar Fatany said the new university should be a source of pride for the Kingdom. “It has bright prospects,” Fatany told Arab News. “It will inspire the young generation of Saudi women. Hopefully it will bring in a new trend of positive thinking and produce a new group of educated women who will eventually assume leadership positions in their respective fields. We need such universities to help us excel. The new university will help our women to compete with the best women in the world and create healthy competition within the various universities in the Kingdom. It will raise the benchmark of education.”
Writer and physician Dr. Samia Amoudi said: “For such a large, prestigious project to be named after a woman is an honor for all of us. It will have a great impact on society and how it perceives us women. I am very happy that our leadership is aware of our needs. They have placed their trust in us.”
“Now it’s the turn and the responsibility of the women of our Kingdom to ensure that this university attains a high rank in the world and the Middle East in particular,” said Jubail teacher Huda Al-Shehri.

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