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niedziela, 8 maja 2011

What do women really want?

Sayidaty Magazine is about to feature different views of Arabian women from different places in the Arab world. These women will talk about the demands, views, troubles and obstacles they face in their everyday life.
“Aside from fashion, beauty and women’s achievements, Sayidaty Magazine has taken a fresh turn by shedding light on a new issue: Young women’s dreams and demands. Those young women are the leaders of tomorrow and the new faces of our world, and the magazine is going to publish the most important issues and subjects about them,” said Mona Siraj, managing editor of women’s Sayidaty Magazine.
“Sayidaty Magazine has been receiving hundreds of emails and messages from Arab women all over the world. These have been sharing their stories and views in order to find solutions to their problems,” she added.
The most significant requests and claims received by the magazine were about unemployment, spinsterhood, harassment, family disintegration and price increase, while the biggest number of women claim that Arabian women are successful in the job market.
More than one thousand Arabian young women have contributed to the magazine’s survey, giving transparent details to their stories. The survey shows that most Saudis are looking for freedom and the ability to drive a car, among other things. Emirati women claim that old traditions are tying them down, not giving them enough space to give their opinion as women.
Women from Egypt are looking to get rid of spinsterhood, addiction and illiteracy among their people. Syrian women demand equality between men and women, stating that their problems are mostly emotional.
Sayidaty Magazine has looked at all these requests and shared it with specialists, who claim that Arab women are in an anxiety phase. This happens because their dreams are not fulfilled. Arab women are waiting for a move from men and their society to give them their rights.

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