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sobota, 16 kwietnia 2011

For the first time .. Saudi girls studying the "Declaration"

The College of Business Administration in Jeddah for the opening of a new college education specialty concerned with the "Declaration", at a ceremony held this evening at the hotel "Park Hyatt" in Jeddah. For the first time Saudi students will be able to study this specialty after the College has announced that it would be available to both sexes. Explained Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration for girls in Jeddah, Dr. Nadia Baeshen in a statement to the "home" that the Saudi market lacks highly qualified national cadres in the field of advertising, emphasizing that the scientific studies conducted by the College of Business Administration revealed the need for the labor market of Saudi cadres qualified to work in the areas of advertising and the "Declaration "The word carries a large bundle of functions that are in scope, and copes with the nature of Saudi women and girls can Ibdan where, as functions of an expert in the Declaration, and the stomach, and information, and productive, and the chief editor of the Declaration.

Om Ali

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